Chladící výkon: 18.8÷29.3 kW

Topný výkon: 20÷30.4 kW

  • Hot water up to -15°C outdoor air
  •  Temperature of the produced water up to 60°C
  •  Version with pump or with pump and storage tank
  •  Integrated MASTER/SLAVE control
  • Certifikace Eurovent
  • Invertorová technologie
  • Jednotka pouze pro chlazení
  • Tepelné čerpadlo
  • Jednotka pro venkovní instalaci
  • Použité chladivo

Water chillers and packaged reversible air-cooled heat pumps with axial fans. Range with scroll hermetic compressors, DC Inverter and R410A refrigerant gas.


Construction features

• Compressor: scroll type, rotary, hermetic with Inverter actuation, complete with thermal protection and casing heater.
• Water side heat exchanger: adequately insulated stainless steel plates, complete with antifreeze heater and water flow differential pressure switch.
• Air side heat exchanger: featuring finned coil with copper pipes and aluminium fins for TCAITY with hydrophilic treatment for THAITY, complete with protection grilles.
• Fan: external rotor axial type electric fans equipped with internal thermal protection, accident protection grilles and proportional electronic device for continuous fan rotation speed regulation.
• Control: microprocessor electronic control with Adaptive Function Plus logic.
• Structure: made of galvanised and painted steel plate, complete with condensate drain pan and unit base antifreeze heater for THAITY.
• The unit is also complete with:
– outdoor air temperature probe for set-point compensation;
– electronic expansion valve;
– display of cooling circuit high and low pressure;
– Master/Slave control up to 4 units in parallel;
– clock board.



T – High efficiency.



TCAITY: unit designed for cooling only.
THAITY: heat pump unit.


PUMP set-up

• Pump unit complete with: EC circulator with 3 speed selector or continuous speed regulation or electric pump, membrane expansion tank, manual air vent valve, safety valve and pressure gauge.

TANK&PUMP set up
• Pump unit complete with: inertial buffer tank, circulator or electric circulation pump, membrane expansion tank, manual air vent valve, safety valve, and pressure gauge.


Factory fitted accessories

• Forced Download. Compressor partialisation or switch-off to limit power and current consumption (digital input).
• Condensing control with fans with EC motor.
• Silenced set up.
• Antifreeze heater on the tank.
• Circulator/electric pump antifreeze heater.
• Pre-painted copper/coils or copper/copper coils.
• Digital input for double set-point.
• 4-20 mA analogue signal for shifting set-point.


Separately supplied accessories

• 3-way valve for the production of domestic hot water, managed by regulation.
• Additional electrical resistance for heat pump, managed by regulation.
• Remotely controllable outdoor air temperature probe for set-point compensation.
• Water filter.
• Rubber anti-vibration mounts.
• Remote keypad with display.
• Interfaces for serial communication with other devices.
• RS485/USB serial converter.
• Rhoss supervisors for unit monitoring and remote management.

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