VMC-E 025÷130

  •  Extremely compact
  •  High efficiency recovery
  •  Very silent
  •  Brushless DC fans
  • Invertorová technologie
  • Jednotka pro vnitřní instalaci
  • Jednotka do potrubních rozvodů vzduchotechniky
  • CE certifikace

Fresh air terminal unit with counterflow static heat recovery.


Construction features

• Galvanised sheet steel self-bearing structure, insulated internally and externally.
• Recovery unit: thanks to a high yield static type heat exchanger with counterflows consisting of flat layers of special paper that allow total heat exchange, thereby recovering both sensitive and latent heat. The air flows are kept separate by relevant sealing.
Maintenance is easily performed on the heat exchanger and filters thanks to side extraction.
• By-pass motorised system of the recovery unit actuated automatically by the electronic control
• Air filtration in F9 efficiency class (with G3 pre-filter) on the fresh air and G3 filter on return air.
• Integrated dirty filter signal pressure switches.
• Fans: fresh air inlet and centrifugal expulsion with BRUSHLESS EC motors that allow higher efficiency to be achieved in comparison to traditional motors with energy savings of up to 60%. 10-speed management option.
• Ducting connections with plastic round fittings.
• Incorporated electrical panel with electronic board to control the free-cooling and fan functions.



• KPST- Touch screen remote control panel
• KQSW- CO2 wall sensor for fan regulation
• KUSW- Wall humidity sensor for fan regulation

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