TWCZ 200-300

  • Renewable energy water heater
  •  Standard version and with additional coil for solar thermal
  •  Domestic hot water production up to 65°C (up to 75°C with supplementary electrical resistance)
  •  Heat pump operation with outdoor air temperature from -10°C to +43°C
  •  Contact for integration with photovoltaic system
  • Jednotka pro vnitřní instalaci
  • Použité chladivo
  • Výroba teplé užitkové vody

Air-water heat pump for the production of domestic hot water. Rotary hermetic compressor and R134a refrigerant gas.


Construction features

• Carbon steel tank with double layer vitrification and internal treatment according to standards DIN 4753-3 and UNI 10025.
• Anti-corrosion magnesium anode to ensure the durability of the tank.
• Condenser wrapped externally to the boiler, free from scaling and chiller liquid-water contamination.
• Auxiliary coil for use in combination with solar panels (TWCZ-S only)
• Thermal insulation in thick expanded polyurethane (PU) (45 mm).
• External coating in RAL7035 grey plastic material
• Acoustically insulated plastic top cover.
• High efficiency compressor with R134a refrigerant.
• Electronic expansion valve.
• Safety devices for high and low gas pressure.
• Electrical resistance available in the unit as a back-up (with an integrated safety thermostat at 90°C), which ensures hot water at a constant temperature even in extreme winter conditions.

Electronic control and user interface for unit management:
• Tank temperature display.
• Water set-point adjustment.
• Clock display and switch-on and shutdown timer.
• Electrical resistance management, in manual mode or in automatic integration.
• Anti-legionella cycle function, with activation timer.
• Defrost with automatic activation of supplementary electrical resistance.
• Indication of any alarms and malfunctions.
• ON-OFF contact to start the unit from an external switch.
• Contact for integration with a photovoltaic system: the temperature set is raised to the highest possible value, on photovoltaic inverter enabling.
• Option to manage domestic hot water recirculation or solar integration.



• TWCZ-B: water heater with heat pump.
• TWCZ-S: water heater with heat pump and additional coil for solar thermal.

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