•  Highly performing new generation structure
  •  Energy efficiency of excellence
  •  Range ErP 2018 Ready
  •  Plug and play integrated intelligence
  •  Exclusive solutions exclusive for Indoor Air Quality
  • Certifikace Eurovent
  • Invertorová technologie
  • Jednotka pro vnitřní instalaci
  • Jednotka pro venkovní instalaci
  • Jednotka do potrubních rozvodů vzduchotechniky
  • CE certifikace

Modular air handling units.


• The ADV Next Air range is developed from the new Rhoss air handling vision.

Innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology are the winning combination that characterise it.
This, together with our thirty years of experience in the sector, leads to the new innovative line of air handling units that looks to the future of air conditioning. The strength of the product lies in the use of latest generation creative engineering solutions, preserving the qualitative excellence and the reliability traits that have made Rhoss a well-known name. The fully modular nature and the wide range of configurations come together in the Next Air range to create perfect balance between customisation and standardisation, flexibility and industrialisation.

• Sturdy and self-bearing structure made from one 50 mm thick single-piece sandwich panel, internally and externally hot galvanised sheet steel painted with oil-free polyester paint, highly resistant to corrosion. The internal surfaces are completely smooth to inhibit microbial proliferation and prevent the accumulation of dust.
• Insulation of self-extinguishing polyurethane base resins with a density of 48 kg/m3. Fire reaction Euroclass Cs3d0.
• The step-type full-face front inspection sandwich panels are housed in the profile seat, with thermal cut interruption, a soft PVC double gasket that simultaneously ensures tightness and prevents humidity, water or any other unwanted element from entering the machine.
• The fixing profiles are made of latest generation plastic material (PVC-RAU). Specifically made on Rhoss design, their geometry ensures perfect thermal insulation of the structure and complete interruption of thermal bridge, optimally resistance to exposure to sunlight (UV rays) and atmospheric agents, ensuring outstanding resistance to ageing.
• The condensate drain pans are made of magnesium and aluminium alloy sheet steel, ensuring excellent resistance to corrosion. They are installed inside the machine structure and are fully insulated.
Thanks to the double inclination, full drainage of fluid is guaranteed thus avoiding any kind of unwanted stagnation.
• All units are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation.

Mechanical features EN 1886 achieved by the ADV Next-Air Range
Mechanical Resistance D1
Leakage (-400Pa) L1
Leakage (+700Pa) L1
Bypass Factor Filters F9
Thermal Transmittance T2
Thermal bridge factor TB1

The standard supply for each section is:
• Pressure fitting that allows and facilitates the assembly of any sensors and the measurements of aeraulic performance required by the commissioning activities, as specified in the reference LEED guide.
• Holes for the passage of signal or power cables protected internally and externally by a multi-hole cable gland with IP 65D in order to prevent altering the mechanical performance of the machine and facilitate on site operations.

Heat recovery units
• Sensitive or enthalpic rotary recovery unit
• Crossed flow recovery unit with integrated bypass

• Highly efficient backward blade fans
• EC Brushless free impeller fans
• Plenum fan free impeller fans

• Standard or Airsuite Biocide G4 pleated synthetic filters
• G1 flat metal mesh filters
• Airsuite Biocide or Standard M6 F7 F8 F9 rigid bag filters
• M6 F7 F8 F9 Soft bag filters

Heat exchangers
• Water fed coils
• Electric coils

• Disposable water evaporating pack humidifiers
• Recirculation water evaporating pack humidifiers
• Autonomous immersed electrode steam humidifiers with producer
• Set-up for the installation of other types of humidifiers

Various sections
• Outdoor/mixture/expulsion air intake dampers with
– Servo-controllable dampers
– Manual dampers
• Empty inspection sections
• Silencers


Available versions:

• Type A Unidirectional machine
• Type B Machines with mixing chamber
• Type C Crossed flow heat recovery for primary air
• Type D Crossed flow heat recovery for all air systems
• Type E Rotary heat recovery for primary air
• Type F Rotary heat recovery for all air systems


Factory fitted accessories

• Dirty filters monitoring system
• Fan motors inverter and rotary recovery
• Indoor lighting system
• Anti-vibration fittings for ducting connection
• Rain and anti-intrusion grilles.

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