•  Maximised energy saving without admixture of the flows
  •  EC high efficiency fan use
  •  Extremely silent
  •  Full Control Option
  •  Can be integrated into existing traditional-type systems
  • Jednotka pro vnitřní instalaci
  • Jednotka pro venkovní instalaci
  • Jednotka do potrubních rozvodů vzduchotechniky
  • CE certifikace

Crossed flow heat recovery.


Principle of operation

What makes the air treatment system unique is the possibility of reaching optimal temperature and humidity conditions for total comfort and minimising energy expenditure without any compromise: the result is total comfort.
Humidity and air temperature, air quality, and silence are all interconnected parameters and must always be controlled and guaranteed.
Thanks to crossed flow heat recovery, which guarantees the separation of the delivery and return flows without any admixture of the two, you can achieve up to 65% efficiency resulting in significantly reduced heating and cooling loads.
The state of the art EC Brushless fans allow you to minimise and monitor electric power consumption.
Air quality is always guaranteed by high efficiency filters.


Construction features

• Anticorodal aluminium profile load-bearing structure.
• Continuous anticorodal aluminium base under the entire machine.
• Panels made with double sandwich sheet steel with galvanised steel plate on the inside and galvanised steel plate with scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant paint on the outside.
• Interposed 46 mm polyurethane foam or oriented cell mineral wool insulation.
• Dampers with opposed wing profile aluminium fins.
• Delivery and return filters in class F6 of rigid bag-type
(En 779:2011).
• Crossed flow recovery unit installed vertically and sized so to maximise summer and winter efficiency and reduce air side pressure drops. The recovery unit integrates the bypass dampers for automatic management of free-cooling/free-heating.
• Recovery wheel activation motor with belt and pulley transmission equipped with variable revs regulator.
• Centrifugal fans with EC Brushless directly coupled motor. Ultra-efficient motors with electronic switch equipped with permanent magnets, where the rev number is adjusted by the integrated controller.
• Large inspection doors in the same execution as the panel and equipped with safety closures with closing handles.
• Version for indoor and outdoor installation.
• Packaged version or with separate sections.



• Additional cold water coil.
• Additional hot water coil.
• Steam humidifier or with evaporating pack.
• Silencers.
• G4 pre-filters.


Control and regulation functions

• Heat recovery management in Maximum Economy mode with automatic management of free-cooling in temperature or enthalpy and integrated antifreeze management.
• Delivery temperature compensation in relation to the outdoor temperature.
• Fan operation with constant delivery flow, based on how dirty the filters are.
• Fan operation with variable flow:
– 0-10V signal control (CO2 probe or potentiometer) for single-zone applications;
– constant pressure control for multi-zone application.
• Management of the heat transfer fluids according to time schedule with 3- or 2-way valves depending on the system.
• Weekly time bands control.
• BMS interface with Modbus or Lon protocol.
• Supervision via Web-Ethernet port on TCP/IP technology.
• GSM modem kit for remote monitoring via SMS with alarm control.

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