Chladicí kapacita: 7.0÷19.8 kW

Topný výkon: 9.9÷29.6 kW

  •  Air’Suite biocide filter for healthier and cleaner air in indoor environments
  •  New touch controls
  •  Horizontal and vertical installation
  •  Pan removable from below for cleaning
  •  Hydraulic and electric connections on the same side.
  •  Set up with 3, 4, 5-row coil
  • Jednotka do potrubních rozvodů vzduchotechniky

Ductable terminals for recessed horizontal or vertical installation.


Construction features

• Structure: self-supporting, in galvanised sheet steel for horizontal installation in a false ceiling or vertical recessed wall installation, complete with a natural condensate drain pan, flanges to fit to the inlet/delivery duct. Pan is removable from below.
Filter supplied separately from the unit.
• Finned coil heat exchanger, removable from below, with connections on the left, reversible to the right directly on site.
• Electrical connection box: on the left, on the same side as the hydraulic connections, reversible to the right directly on site.
• Double intake centrifugal fan with directly coupled 3-speed motor.
Fan unit is removable from below.



• CXP – Recessed unit for horizontal or vertical installation (with lower return to upper delivery).
Number of rows
• 3 Rows – Unit with 3-row coil; for recessed horizontal/vertical installation.
• 4 Rows – Unit with 4-row coil; for recessed horizontal/vertical installation.
• 5 Rows – Unit with 5-row coil (only models 250, 300); for recessed horizontal/vertical installation.


Construction set-ups

Type of unit
2T – Single main coil
4T – Double main coil and additional



➔❖ Additional water heating coil (1 row) for [4T-KBAA] 4-pipe systems – only for 3R units with a 3-row coil.
➔ External plenum with additional water heating coil for 4-pipe systems [PBAB].
➔❖2-way ON/OFF electrovalves for 2 and 4-pipe systems.

➔❖3-way ON/OFF electrovalves for 2 and 4-pipe systems.
➔❖ Auxiliary condensate drain pan.
➔ Frame with filter that can be extracted in any direction (G1 or G3).
➔ Frame with Air’Suite biocide filter (G2) that can be extracted in any direction.
➔ Straight delivery and inlet fitting.
➔ 90° delivery and inlet fitting.
➔ Flange for duct connection.
➔ Anti-vibration fitting for connection to the inlet/delivery duct.
➔ Panel with round nozzles to be connected to the delivery/inlet fittings.



STANDARD controls
For wall mounting installation
➔ Panel with speed and summer/winter switch.
➔ Panel with room thermostat, summer/winter switch, speed switch, ON/OFF valve control and electrical resistance.
➔ Electronic panel with automatic summer/winter switching for 2-pipe systems.
➔ Electronic panel with automatic summer/winter switching and automatic speed adjustment for 2-pipe systems with electrical resistance or 4-pipe systems.
➔ Air probe with remote control option.
➔ Interface board to control up to 4 fan coils (models 100-150-200 only, for on board installation).


Advanced LIT-TOUCH controls

➔ Flush LIT-Touch control panel in glossy black or pearl white for wall mounting installation.
➔ Wall mounted LIT-Touch remote control and receiver with air temperature probe and operation LED.
For on board installation
➔❖ LIT-Touch electronic control for 2-pipe systems, with 2 pipes with electrical resistance or 4 pipes, complete with minimum water temperature probe, ON/OFF valve control and integrated master/slave function up to a total of 15 units.
➔❖ Additional board with 2 digital outputs that can be configured.
➔❖ On board air temperature probe.
➔❖ RS485 serial board for serial communication with other devices (Modbus RTU protocol).

Key: ❖ Factory fitted
➔ Supplied separately

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